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Kodiak Trailer Components has been offering products for boat trailers since their inception in 1989. With over 24 years of experience in the trailer industry, this has offered Kodiak the ability to dabble in a lot of product lines over the years. Starting in 1994, Kodiak began to focus their energy into their line of Hydraulic Disc Brakes strictly for trailers. 

Since then, Kodiak has continued their march to the top by actively innovating their components to provide more and more value to every Disc Brake Kit. Now, the Hydraulic Disc Brake offering ranges from 2,000lb capacity axles up to 14,000lb. While we only carry a smaller portion of this product line, it is easy to see why Kodiak has become a leader in the industry. 

Most notably are Kodiaks offerings in corrosion resistant materials. Kodiak is the first and foremost leader in offering a complete stainless steel disc brake system. This option simply can not be beat. In addition, with the creation of KodaGuard, Kodiak has bridged the gap between Dacromet coatings and Stainless steel by providing a more wallet friendly coating that's proven to perform in marine environments.  

Your Purchase of Kodiak Brand Trailer Brakes means you have bought a product manufactured by a pioneer in the industry with a proven track record of success and long life. 

Kodiak Trailer Components Limited Warranty

Kodiak offers a (3) year warranty on E-Coat and Dacromet sets. They additionally offer a (6) year manufacturers warranty on Stainless Steel Disc Brake Kits. The warranty is offered against manufacturer defects and offers repair or replacement of the product without charge. We offer links to additional details regarding the Limited Warranty as well as warranty card below. Essentially in our experience, the quality of Kodiaks products has always been top notch. The existence of these warranties is an extension of the incredible customer service offered by Kodiak. 

Kodiak Tested and Proven Coatings and Materials 

Kodiak offers a wide range of options for coatings and materials with their products. Ranging from Standard Automotive Finish up to Stainless Steel, each material is intended for use in certain environments. As our focus in majority corrosive environments such as salted roads, freshwater, and saltwater, we start our offerings at Kodiaks E-Coat. The following link shows the results of Kodiaks coatings and materials during the standard salt spray test. 
When determining the Correct Kodiak Kit and correct coating for your trailer. Use as a Guide 
E Coat - for on road usage as well as Freshwater environments
Dacromet Coating - for on road, freshwater, and minor saltwater environments
KodaGuard Coating- for on road,freshwater, and moderate to heavy saltwater
Stainless Steel- for on road, freshwater, and heavy saltwater use 
Of course the level of corrosion protection goes hand in hand with the price of the disc brake kits. Therefore, make your pick based of the environment you will be trailering in, as well as how well you will maintain your system. With proper maintenance comes increased product life. 

Kodiak Installation and Usage Information

We essentially aim to offer all components and products needed to complete your disc brake installation. Each Disc Brake Kit sold includes a comprehensive instruction and information manual regarding best practices during installation to ensure the proper long term function of your trailers hydraulic disc brake system. We additionally have this information available here. Disc Brake Installation Manual

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