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Kodiak Trailer Brakes are the highest quality and longest lasting Trailer Disc Brake on the Market. They are proven to perform on nearly any type of Trailer. We feature 5 Lug, 6 Lug, and 8 Lug complete disc brake kits and replacement parts. With Disc Brake Kits ranging from E Coat all the Way to Stainless Steel, we will have the Trailer Brake Assembly you are looking for. We additionally carry Titan Surge Brake Actuators that perform perfectly with Kodiak Brakes. 
Kodiak Disc Brake Kits come with an amazing Manufacturers Warranty on the Dacromet and Stainless Steel components. In Addition, we can provide all the Technical support needed to install and maintain your trailers braking system. 
Kodiak Disc Brake Kits 3500lb 5 Lug
Kodiak Disc Brake Kits 5200lb 6 Lug
Kodiak Disc Brake Kits 7000lb 8 Lug
Kodiak Replacement Brake Calipers
Kodiak Replacement Brake Hoses
Kodiak Replacement Brake Rotors
Kodiak Replacement Caliper Brkts
Kodiak Replacement Hub Studs
Kodiak Replacement Mounting Bolts
Kodiak Red Eye Bearing Protectors
Kodiak XL Pro Lube Components
Titan Disc Brake Surge Actuators
Titan Electric Over Hydraulic Kits
Titan Replacement Actuator Parts
Titan Replacement Master Cylinders
Titan Reverse Lockout Solenoid
Trailer Hub Bearing Buddies
Trailer Hub Bearing Grease
Trailer Hub Bearing Kits and Hub Kits
Trailer Dust Caps and Grease Caps
Trailer Galvanized Hubs and Kits
Trailer Lug Nuts
Trailer Protective Coatings
Trailer Stainless Steel Hub Kits
Trailer Wiring and Adapters
Truck Brake Controllers
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